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Private Pilot Training

This is where it all starts! Whether you have experience or never have been in a helicopter, we will train you to be a helicopter pilot. The training starts getting you used to the controls and how to handle the basics of flying the helicopter. Along with some studying, you will experience picking up to a hover, flying patterns, landing the helicopter and basic maneuvers.

When you are proficient at the basics, we send you on your way for your first SOLO flight! Once you fly solo, things progress quickly. From here you will lean to fly cross country to another airport. It will be exciting planning where you want to go, how to get there and of course, how to get back! Along with learning navigation, you will also be learning radio communications and starting in on more complex helicopter operations, such as pinnacle and confined landings. These will be done away from the airport in the nearby hills.

After you have learned the more complex operations and accomplished cross country flights, off you go on your solo cross country adventures. When you’ve completed the cross country flights we focus towards the check ride where you will meet with an FAA examiner and show him you have the knowledge and skill to be a private pilot!

Your private pilot license allows you to take passengers and share the thrill and excitement of flying in a helicopter!

Commercial Pilot Training

Are you are planning on flying helicopters for a living some day? Then this is the course you will be taking. The good news is that since you are already a private pilot, there aren’t any new maneuvers to learn. Granted you will hone your skills to be able to perform the maneuvers to a greater level. Accuracy and a high skill level are important in being a commercial pilot. We will work with you to deepen your aviation knowledge as well.

Included in commercial training are some hours learning basic instrument flying which can be incorporated as a part of a full instrument course or as a sampling to see if getting an instrument rating would work for you.

You will be doing a lot of flying to reach the required hours needed for the commercial pilot’s license. This is the time to plan a few long cross country flights and see places you couldn’t fly to as a part of your private training! At times there are opportunities to ferry an aircraft from another state and as a commercial student you would have the opportunity to do that as well.

Instrument Training

Having an instrument rating is essential in today’s job market. We combine training in a Robinson R22 and a Frasca flight simulator. Vertical CFI Helicopters is the only San Francisco Bay Area helicopter flight school with an approved helicopter flight training device (simulator). This allows you to train smart and efficiently getting you done in a minimum of time and flight hours.
The next step in instrument training is to become an Instrument Instructor which allows you the ability to offer a potential employer the additional skills to teach all students. Granted, getting an Instrument rating or becoming an Instrument Instructor is tough, but Vertical CFI Helicopters has a proven track record of not only having students pass their check rides, but doing so in an fast, economic manner.
Keep current in our SIM or lower the cost of your Instrument Proficiency Checks by using Vertical CFI Helicopters for all of your training needs!

Instructor Training

Being a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) is a fun and challenging position to hold. As a flight instructor you get paid to fly! It doesn’t get any better than that! The training to become an instructor shifts from learning all about aviation to being able to teach someone else all about aviation.

The course focuses on lesson planning, classroom teaching and teaching maneuvers in the helicopter. Focus in the air is on learning how to handle flying with a student with very little skill, allowing them the leeway to learn, but at the same time keeping you and the student safe.
To qualify to be an instructor you must be a commercial helicopter pilot. There aren’t any additional hour requirements. You just have to be able to fly all maneuvers at a commercial level while teaching the maneuver at the same time.


Bell 206 Turbine Helicopter Training

Do you want some training in a turbine helicopter? Maybe you just want the experience or you need to shake some rust off before a job interview. We can provide training in a Bell 206 turbine helicopter to meet those needs. You must have at least a private pilot helicopter certificate. Training will be commensurate with your level of experience.