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Parna passed his check ride for Private Pilot!

Tom passed his Private Pilot add on!

Jacob has finished his SIM work and is now ready for his IFR long X/C

Parker did his first solo flight! He finally got good weather

Sanjay has finished all his flying requirements for X/C!

David B did his first supervised solo today in 86GC!

Mick has done all of his required flights for private pilot …… on towards the check ride!


Tom did his first solo flight today!

Eric completed his first solo on Christmas day. A nice gift to himself!

Moxie passed his Private Pilot add on! Crushed the ground and breezed through the flight!

Beryl C completed her first solo! Way to go!

Jacob T passed his Private Pilot check ride! The oral portion went easy, the flight took some concentration!

Philippe D flew his first solo flight in a helicopter!

Peter K passed his private helicopter add on. Grace did a good job in preparing him for the check ride!

Marcelo did his first solo flight! Way to go!

Chintan passed his Private Pilot check ride! He did a great job even in the 100 degree temperatures.

Cindy took her first lesson today, She did well and had fun all at the same time!

Parna started training with us. He had been training at a different school. Welcome!

Peter is polishing up a few things in preparation for his check ride the beginning of August!

We have three check rides coming in August!

Mick flew a cross country training flight to Petaluma. Next time solo?

Moxie is now doing solo flights. He is doing an add on rating so he is going to be doing cross country flights.

Jack M took his first lesson today! A little hovering included.

Chintan H is progressing very fast. He has done his first solo, flown solo to the Livermore airport and then flew his first cross country flight. Way to go!

James B passed his private pilot check ride after being very patient waiting for good weather to complete his flight.

Jacob T has gotten all of his flight requirements done and is working towards his check ride.

Pierre I completed his private pilot check ride passing first time. He did a very good job.

Aspen S flew her first solo flight to another airport!

Will M passed his private pilot check ride after waiting for good weather. This year has been a tough one with all the rain!

Kevin P passed his written test for private pilot with a great score!

Younus A got his flight review taken care of and is up and flying with friends!

Jeremy D passed his private pilot check ride just in time to go to Hawaii !