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Now’s the time…

to get started flying a helicopter! It’s never too late to start towards your pilot license or career in aviation. Let us save you time and money by effectively planning your training to meet your goals, ahead of schedule! Your path to success will be faster with our free ground school, unique and comprehensive syllabus, personal video lessons, FAA approved flight simulator and exclusive power point lessons. Vertical CFI Helicopters is the premier school for your helicopter training from pre private through flight instructor. Whether you are just starting out flying helicopters, have a helicopter certificate, are looking to add a rating, do your biennial flight review or instrument proficiency check, Vertical CFI Helicopters is the place to go! We fly Robinson R22 and Bell 206 BIII helicopters out of the Hayward Airport, covering the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Aerial Photography

Fly in one of our our Robinson R22, R44, R66 or Bell 206 helicopters to get you the pictures you want. We cater to the professional and amateur photographer alike. We are your one stop shop for aerial photography! See some of the pictures you can get on  Instagram  Instagram   Click on the Aerial photography in the menu bar to find our rates

Introductory Flight Lesson – You take the controls!

Looking to try the excitement of flying a helicopter? Want to know what being a helicopter pilot is all about? Fly fixed wing but would love a chance to fly a helicopter? Then an introductory flight lesson is just for you!  We start with a ground lesson on how the helicopter flies, the do’s and don’ts while flying the helicopter and some basic aerodynamics. We’ll go out to the helicopter where you will get the chance to see how all the controls work, see all the parts of the helicopter and do a pre-flight inspection with the instructor. Then away we go! You will be taking the controls (under close supervision of the instructor!) and flying the helicopter. The flight is 30 minutes long. Afterward we answer any questions you may have about the helicopter, flying or aviation in general. The lesson lasts 1 –     1  1/2 hours and the cost is only $175.00!

Frasca TruFlite H Simulator

Vertical CFI Helicopters is the only SF Bay Area helicopter flight school to have an FAA approved flight simulator! The sim can be used for maintaining helicopter instrument proficiency or to keep your rating current.

HD Video now available!

Watch your own training session! That’s right; Vertical CFI Helicopters takes professional helicopter training to the next level with HD video of your lesson from the cockpit. You will see how you fly the helicopter and hear the instructions from your instructor along with Air Traffic Control. You will learn faster by being able to view your lessons. Once again, Vertical CFI Helicopters affords you the opportunity to save time and money during your training plus adding a different perspective to your learning experience!